Professional Portfolio of Robert R. DemersProfessional mission/goal: “I’m not independently wealthy, but if I were, I’d choose to be a ‘professional student’, because I love to learn. Happily, I’ve discovered an alternative strategy to indulge that passion- by becoming a professional clinical educator. It’s immensely satisfying to go into a classroom and, in collaboration with a group of students, to explore a scientific or mathematical concept. But, on my way to becoming a didactic teacher of science, I discovered that one could go into a conference room in lieu of adiscovered that one could go into a conference room in lieu of aclassroom and, in collaboration with a clinical team, to explore a physiologic concept or process. Then, after acquiring some measure of insight about that concept/process, the team could step out of the conference room, proceed to the bedside, interact with another human being, and actually make a difference in that person’s life for a few moments, a few hours, or a few decades. I’ve never gotten over that thrill! What a uniquely precious opportunity that is!”actionGoTo:291,Presentations,actionGoTo:291,sponsored actionGoTo:291,lectures,actionGoTo:291,and actionGoTo:291,seminarsactionGoTo:3,Academic actionGoTo:3,andactionGoTo:3,EmploymentactionGoTo:3,HistoryactionGoTo:6,Memberships,actionGoTo:6,Appointments,actionGoTo:6,and actionGoTo:6,AwardsactionGoTo:288,MedicalactionGoTo:288,ApplicationactionGoTo:288,SoftwareactionGoTo:335,EducationalactionGoTo:335,VideosactionGoTo:342,“....but, actionGoTo:342,I actionGoTo:342,digress!”:actionGoTo:342,Bob’s actionGoTo:342,BlogactionGoTo:343,the actionGoTo:343,InteractiveactionGoTo:343,ProfessionalactionGoTo:343,Portfolio actionGoTo:343,ConceptactionGoTo:2,ContactactionGoTo:2,informationactionGoTo:12,Publications
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